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Our clients are at the heart of what we do, and there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that they enjoy their outdoor space. Read on to see what they had to say about their experience working with  J.G. Becerra Landscaping.

"Our yard looks and feels AWESOME!!!!!!! In 20 years our yard has  never looked better and we credit J.G. Becerra Landscape Management for  this. Your full service landscaping and maintenance over the past 3  years have made a tremendous difference in our lawn and landscaping.  THANK YOU!!!"


— Sally V.

"Today – I am writing simply to say thank you for a job well done
to J.G. Bercerra Landscaping.

Your  staff did our spring cleanup yesterday. The yard looks so much better,  and to my delight – they cleaned up ALL of the debris – including the  pile I built up at the head of our driveway.

This is the kind of  service that builds loyalty to an organization and just makes you feel  good. Thank you for putting a smile on my face when I came home from  work yesterday – just by seeing how nice the yard looked. Thank you  Jose!!!" 


— Stacy L.

"J.G. Becerra provided Landscape Design and implementation of  planting, drainage and walkways. They also do my spring and fall clean  up and do a mid season weeding and clean up service. Their folks are  professional, knowledgeable and timely. When I did have an issue with  some plants they stepped up an replaced them without debate and that was  a great sign and doing the right thing for their customers."


— Richard B.

"Jose and his team of professionals did such a fantastic job for me!  They leveled our yard around pool, walkways, lighting, sprinkler  systems, plantings, sod etc. The project was very involved with many  moving parts. The best part of working with jose was the
attention to detial "


— Michael C.

"I have worked with the J.G. Becerra Landscape on several of my  larger outdoor projects. They have done extensive landscaping for me. I  continue to refer all my best clients to J.G. Becerra Landscape for the  following reasons. They are always on time, on budget, and provide the  utmost attention to detail. In particular the owner Jose is always  accessible and demands the best from his team. They are a One-stop shop  for all your needs from landscaping to maintenance."


— Theo W.

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