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Transformation Thursday!

This transformation has been a long time coming. JGB Landscaping started this project in October, located in Larkspur, Marin County, California.

Our expert team has installed elegant pavers leading to the sliding door, creating a stunning and durable pathway that complement's the property's aesthetic. Additionally, we've employed a thoughtful design in front of the newly added landscape wall, integrating a flower bed that adds a splash of color and life to the serene backup. A substantial boulder has been strategically placed within the gravel area, serving as an eye-catching focal point. The gravel itself also contributes to the overall low-maintenance and stylish landscape design. Alongside these elements, we've included outdoor lighting to brighten the space and ensure that it can be enjoyed both day and night. The lighting design not only services a practical purpose but also helps to accentuate key features of the landscaping after sunset.

Every detail has been carefully considered to offer both beauty and utility, providing the homeowners with a revitalized outdoor living space that they can take pride in.

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