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Spring Flowers That Will Brighten Up Your Yard

Blooming Beauties! Let these vibrant spring flowers light up your yard with nature's colorful magic!

  • If you have acidic soil, consider an azalea, such as Exbury Hybrid, for vibrant color. Prune flowering dogwoods after they have bloomed. Also, consider the California lilac with camellia.

A red flower

A white flower

Purple flowers

  • Some of the first blossoms you see as winter loses its punch are the pink blooms of bergenia. The tropical foliage accents established landscapes and can be a delightful ground cover under the trees. Additionally, consider spirea and the hardy kiwi.

Pink flowers

Pink flowers in the Spring time

Kiwi fruit plant

In addition, these unusual plants are worth trying in your garden:

  • False Spirea (Sorbaria sorbifolia)

  • Hydrangea (Hydrangea), all varieties

  • Japanese Spirea (Spirea japonica)

  • Potentilla (Potentillia spp.)

  • Red-twig Dogwood (Cornus alba)

  • Yellow or purple-leafed Elders (Sambucus)

Need any more tips to have your lawn looking lush this Spring season? Contact JGB Landscaping today!

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