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How To Prepare Your Lawn This Upcoming Spring Season in Landscape Design

Revitalize your lawn this springtime bliss with these essential tips in landscape design for a lush and vibrant green paradise!

  1. Walking on a lawn that is wet can possibly cause damage. I know it's exciting to want to get started on your lawn right away, but wait until it's dry!

  2. Clean up your lawn from sticks that have fallen over the winter, additionally raking up leaves and build up of thatch allowing your lawn to breathe.

  3. Prune your shrubs, and clean your landscape beds. Early Spring is a good time to get rid of old growth and trim shrubs before the active growing season.

  4. Apply fertilizer! This will help prevent weeds from sprouting.

  5. Finally, wait to aerate. Aerating in the Spring can open up soil for weed seedlings that show up this time of year. It's best to aerate during the Summer or Fall season.

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